How To Cancel a Bid On ebay

 Learn how to Cancel an eBay bid. eBay allows you to retract a bid under some Conditions. 

                Whether you accidentally bid too much or the seller changed some information on the item you were bidding on, you might need to cancel your bid on an ebay auction.

How To Cancel a Bid On ebay

           Make sure the auction has more than 12 hours remaining, otherwise you might not be able to retract your bid!

When You can Cancel Bid On eBay?

When the seller significantly changed the description of the item and it no longer matches the original description. 

If accidentally bid the wrong amount. 

When you tried and can't reach the seller through email or phone. 

Users can Cancel a Bid On eBay in 3 easy steps -

Step 1- To cancel a bid on eBay You have to go on canceling bids on your account.

Step 2- fill the place that asks for item number, the username of the member that bid you want to cancel  and the reason to Cancel a Bid On eBay

Step 3- lastly hit the cancel Bid button.

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