How To Calculate CGPA and SGPA | How to convert CGPA into percentage

       You are about to graduate from your current school, and you are in the process of applying for universities. You want to know what is your CGPA and SGPA. What is the point of knowing these numbers? How do you calculate it? This article will answer all those questions for you!

More than just a number, CGPA is an important indicator of academic performance. It is often used by universities to rank students for admission or scholarships. But what does it really mean? And how do you calculate it? 

Here, are some ways to understand CGPA and SGPA.

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Full form of  CGPA?

Cumulative Grade Point Average 

What is CGPA?

CGPA is the measure of the overall academic performance of a student in terms of numbers. It is an average score obtained by a student in the following academic semesters.

 For a particular academic term, it is an average of score obtained for all semesters at the end of the course.

How To Calculate CGPA?

To calculate the subject wise indicative percentage of marks, we need to multiply 9.5 with grade point of the subject (9.5 multiplied by GP of the subject )

Steps for Calculation

If your grade points for five subjects are:

1 Subject - 6

2 Subject - 8 

3 Subject - 9

4 Subject - 7

5 Subject - 6

Add these grade points: 6+8+9+7+6 = 36

Divide the total of grade points by 5 (36/5 = 7.2)

So, the CGPA will be 7.2.

How to convert CGPA into a percentage?

To calculate percentage multiply 7.2 with 9.5 

so the percentage will be 68.5%

Full-Form Of SGPA?

Semester Grade Point Average

What is SGPA?

Semester grade point average is nothing but the measure of the performance of a student in the particular semester indicated by numbers, It is the weighted average of the grade points obtained in all courses or subjects registered by the student 

How To Calculate SGPA?

before calculating SGPA make sure you know the following terminologies:
  • Grade Point (G)
  • Credits (C)
  • Credit Points (C.G)
  • Total Credits 


Sr .No      Subject     Grade    Credit      Credit Points

   1            Subject         6               3                 18

   2            Subject         8               4                 32

   3            Subject         9               4                 36

   4            Subject         7               3                 21

   5            Subject         6               3                 18

Formula To Calculate SGPA:

SGPA = Total Credit Point /Total credits 

          = 125/17

SGPA =  7.3529 

How To Convert SGPA Into CGPA?

If the SGPA is as following:

1st Sem   -  SGPA  7.3529

2nd Sem  -  SGPA  8.00

Formula To Calculate CGPA:  

CGPA = Total SGPA / Number Of Semester

CGPA = 7.3529 + 8.00 / 2

CGPA = 7.6764

CGPA into percentage :

* 7.0 cgpa in percentage = 66.5%

* 7.2 cgpa in percentage = 68.4%             

* 7.4 cgpa in percentage = 70.3% 

* 8.8 cgpa in percentage = 83.6%

* 9.2 cgpa in percentage = 87.4%

* 9.4 cgpa in percentage = 89.3%


If you’ve ever looked at a transcript and wondered, “What the heck is SGPA?” there's good news. SGPA stands for semester grade point average and it's much easier to understand than CGPA. 

As a student, you may be used to seeing your grades on an A-B-C letter scale. However, when it comes to calculating your GPA, you need to convert your grades into percentages. 

Hope this article will help to teach you how to calculate CGPA and how to convert CGPA into percentages so that you can finally get a grip on what your grades mean.


1- What is CGPA?
    The CGPA is the total grade points earned for all courses passed in a given period of time.

2- What is SGPA?
    The SGPA is the average of grades for courses taken in a semester.

3- Full-Form Of SGPA?
    Semester Grade Point Average.

4- Full form of  CGPA?
    Cumulative Grade Point Average. 
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