Curiosity Meaning in Hindi( क्यूरोसिटी - मतलब हिंदी में)

Curiosity Meaning in Hindi  -

                          Curiosity       =           जिज्ञासा , कुतूहल.

Synonyms(समानार्थी शब्द) For Curiosity -

  • Concern 
  • Interest

Curiosity शब्द का क्या अर्थ है?

जिज्ञासा(Curiosity) की परिभाषा है "कुछ जानने या समझने की स्वाभाविक इच्छा।"

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The word curiosity can be used in many different contexts, for example: 

1. "I'm feeling very curious about this new mystery series." Concern Interest

2. "I'm looking forward to hearing your essay because I'm curious about what you'll say." 

3. "My cat's curiosity led her into the kitchen again!"

4. "I find it fascinating that you're so inquisitive about my life."

Curiosity  Meaning in Hindi

What does the word curiosity mean? 

Curiosity is a noun. It means the desire to know or learn something.

The word curiosity can be used as a verb too. When you are curious, you want to know what someone is doing, why they are doing it, and what will happen if they do it.

Curiosity is a very common feeling for people who like to solve mysteries or read books with interesting plots.

Curiosity is an emotion, described as "the desire to know or learn something." It is also the title of a famous book by philosopher René Descartes.

The word curiosity has a few different definitions. 

The definition of curiosity is the state of being inquisitive, which means you want to know something and are interested in learning about it. 

You might be curious about a lot of things in your life, like what foods you'll eat for dinner or whether or not you have to do your homework tonight. 

Curiosity can also mean the desire to explore new ideas, people, places, and cultures. 

This is often described as having an inquisitive mind. Being curious is a very good quality that helps us learn more about our world and stay open-minded. 

It can also encourage creativity and help us become better problem solvers over time.

Where you can use the word curiosity?

Curiosity is a word that is most often used in the context of showing strong interest or curiosity about something. 

Curiosity can also be a quality that someone has. It's considered a personality trait and can have many meanings. For example, a person may be curious about a certain subject, they might ask a lot of questions about it, explore it on their own, and want to know more about it. 

Curiosity is also used as an adjective to describe someone who has this personality trait or who exhibits those behaviors. 

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