Parking Lot Insurance | How General Liability Insurance Will Help You ?

                         It's Important to know the risks associated with the parking lot or parking garage business and it is equally important to get the right insurance coverage to protect yourself from the risk. there are few kinds of insurance coverages available in the market and we will tell you how each one of them will benefit you under different conditions.

What is General Liability Insurance?

If you run a business then you can consider General Liability Insurance. businesses such as parking lot or a parking garages lot of people come and go from your premises. and since you are responsible for the premises which belong to your business property, you could be sued for the damage or bodily injury if one feels your business is the cause. 

How General Liability Insurance will help you?

This insurance help you defend against the claim of someone,  damage caused by your property, it will cover your legal expenses, settlements and to protect yourself from the trouble in such a situation general liability insurance is required  

What is garage keepers Insurance?

Your parking lot or parking garage will be responsible for any kind of incident on the premises and will have complete control of the cars that your customers leave at your lot. if you have custody you will be liable for the damage caused to the cars while they are parked in your lot  

How Garagekeepers Insurance will help you?

If a customer's car is damaged while it's under your care this insurance will help you cover the losses depending upon the policy. so it is important to understand the policy and what losses it will cover and under which conditions.

Different coverages one can consider for parking lot:

1. Business Income 

2. Employee Dishonesty 

3. non-owned auto

4. Umbrella 

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