10 Best Life Changing Books You Should Read In Your 20’s

                          It’s always been said that ‘reading good books can change your life in many ways’ reading is a really important habit one should develop in life. Good books can inform you, enlighten you and lead you in the right direction. 20’s are considered a the transformative decades of one’s life and books will really help you through this. Here is the list of few such books.

It’s always been said that ‘reading good books can change your life in many ways’ reading is a really important habit one should develop in life. Good books can inform you, enlighten you and lead you in the right direction.

1. The subtle art of not giving a f#ck

                                            As the name suggests it is one of the humor-filled life books, where it is simply saying that, don’t load on everything, Don’t react too much on everything. It’s actually OK to live life without having ambitions, without having a urge to make lot of money. it’s totally OK to actually be a loser in life. It’s quite a fascinating book with a different take on life. Mark manson is a very powerful writer. If you are in your 20s, This is a strongly recommended book.

2. The Alchemist 

                      Must have heard the name, may be you have read it already. If you haven’t then it is a very powerful book. It is basically about affirmations. A technique which is like, “when you wish something with all your heart, then the whole universe works towards giving you that”, It’s not so much about wishful thinking or all that. A genuine and practical way of thinking about, when you wholeheartedly wish for something then how do things move to make it happen.

3. Mindset

                      When you read some books, they just open up your mind. It feels like you now know something which is so meaningful that you are almost beginning a second life. That is what impact this book leaves on you. It is a book by Carol Dweck. If you have heard about growth or fixed mindset, then this book is about that.growth mindset is a mindset where a person believes that the IQ and the capability that he was born with, that is not his limit, they can become whosoever they want to become because they have ability to grow, and fixed mind are all those people who feel that they can reach the IQ, the capability they were born with, not beyond thet, it doesn’t matter whatever they do, they will remain where they were, and that difference makes all the differences. A very good book, one of the best book that you an pick up while you are in your 20s.

4.  Freakonomics

                      Economics play the leading role in the book but if you shy away from economics or if you are a science student and haven’t studied economics or if you are a humanities student and haven’t studied economics, the best thing about this book is that it is very humoristic take on economics basically, this book shows the normal thing that we see in our daily lives, tries to make you understand those in a fashion that it becomes very easy to understand. There is humor, very simple and unique writing, 6 essays which will transform the way that you look at the world, very good book.

5.  Sapiens

                  This book gives you clarity about so many things. How did money begin? Why did agricultural revolution start? what is the meaning of religion? All these things are explained by Yuval Harari. Brilliant book, one of the best books ever written. There are two versions of this book such a paperback version and an illustrated version, which is like a comic book. It’s brilliant book.

6. Rich Dad Poor Dad 

                   Must have heard the name if you haven’t then welcome to this book which will give you all the clarity about your money. This is the best way to understand money, the way we should have understood money. Our parents never tell us about money because may be they also didn’t know much about money, but this book opens up your mind. everything that you need to know about money and how to look at money is in this book.

7. Ikigai

                     It is a very powerful concept, it is a Japanese term that essentially means ‘The meaning of life. What is the meaning of our life? What is the purpose of our life? And Ikigai is a story about how do you go around finding it. What is the concept? What is its theory? It’s a good book to start and I think in your 20s,it will give you a good understanding and awareness about what is ikigai and what should you go after. 

8. Linchpin 

                   It is about, how you in an organisation, you can become the most important part, because a machine is made up of different parts and we feel that this part is very small, it is useless, it is not valuable, but you can actually make a difference by the way that you approach your work and linchpin is around that only. for someone in their 20s, if you get the clarity through your work can define your existence, and what is the approach towards becoming a thorough working professional, each person should feel that you are not dispensable, it’s not like we can fire this person whenever we want, because they bring to the table something valuable that we can never predict or imagine. That is who you want to become and that is what Linchpin teaches you.

9. Start With Why 

                     Very deep thinker Simon Sinek, one of the brilliant writer when it comes to making presentations around people, culture, organization, leadership, and start with why is inspired by his famous theory of The Golden Circle. Golden Circle means that all the powerful companies, powerful leaders, powerful brands always start with why. Why do we exist?  Why does it matter? Why are we in this? Why do we get up every day? Why are we doing this? And since they are able to narrate and establish their why properly, their what and how is eventually figured out easily. Start With Why and that is also important if you are in your 20s.

10. Man’s Search For Meaning

                    Very powerful but a very heavy book. It is a book by Victor Frankl. He was Nazi Germany, he was Jewish and while he was in the concentration camp, he changed the perspective towards life to a great deal, because everywhere he could see deaths, sadness, depression, hopelessness. Despite of all this, he tries to find meaning in his life.                 

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