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Easy And Quick Homemade Teriyaki Chicken Recipe


            Chicken Teriyaki is a very simple, easy, and quick recipe yet, and Chicken Teriyaki SUPER YUMMY!! Homemade Teriyaki Sauce Recipe. Sauce for Teriyaki Chicken,stir-fried vegetables, glaze any your protein, and more! Also, Chicken Teriyaki Recipe can be served more than a warm bowl of short-grain rice.

This chicken teriyaki recipe is both easy and delicious. 

   Teriyaki is an authentic Japanese cooking technique in which foods are broiled or grilled with a glaze of mirin, soy sauce, and sugar. 

"Teri" translates to the shine or luster given by the sugar content. "Yaki" is the cooking method of grilling or broiling. 

Chicken teriyaki is one of the more popular meats cooked with teriyaki. I hope you enjoy this easy teriyaki chicken recipe.

Easy And Quick Homemade Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Ingredients Teriyaki Chicken -

2 boneless thighs chicken  
2 tbsp soy sauce 
2 tbsp sugar 
2 tbsp honey 
1-inch piece of ginger slices
1 tbsp vinegar 
2 tbsp water  
1 garlic slices
1 spring onion 
1 tbsp corn starch
1 tbsp oil

Instruction How To Make Teriyaki Chicken Recipe -

 For Chicken Teriyaki Sauce -

 -Take a bowl and add 2 tbsp soy sauce,2 tbsp sugar,2 tbsp honey, 1-inch piece ginger slices,1 tbsp vinegar,1 garlic slices and mix well. The sauce is Ready.

For Teriyaki Chicken-

1 -Take boneless thighs chicken then take 1 tbsp corn starch or flour sprinkle on a chicken pat on both sides.

2 -Then take a large pan on Med-high heat gas add 1 tbsp Oil then add chicken to the pan.

3 -Then cook the chicken for 5 min on each side.

4 -Add prepared sauce cook till sauce reduces then remove only(Not sauce) chicken from pan and slice chicken.

5 -In the same pan add 2 tbsp water until bubbling. Then add chicken.

                               I hope you enjoy this easy teriyaki chicken recipe.

Note: Keep on a medium-high heat throughout and just before adding the sauce to the chicken, reduce to low heat. 

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