How To Take a Good Selfie

 Today I'm going to be sharing with you my top tips on how to take a good selfie or self-portrait because not everyone has an Instagram friend following them around taking photos for them.I'm going to be teaching you guys my top tips on how to take your own pictures!

How To Take a Good Selfie

        There are three different angles that you could take your selfie you can either hold it right in front of you, above or a little bit below. to take a more edgy selfie, angle your chin up a little bit and then you could softly is how to take a good selfie.

          I am guilty of always smiling and all of my photos and wheezing really hard. I always look super happy but I really wanted to be able to change up my look and add a more moody effect.

           My first tip is to take a deep breath and relax your face and eye softly smile. this definitely takes practice because when I first started trying to take selfies without actually smiling it was really hard but over time it definitely gets easier. how to take a good selfie.

How to take a good selfie? 

How To Take a Good Selfie

            In photos, I always want to look slimmer and it's hard because I can I have a double chin showing! hold your camera uptilt it down and you'll have a slimmer and more flattering selfie push your hair so it's lightly framed your face this can definitely make your face looks a lot slimmer maybe you are wearing a very bulky jacket so another tip is to just wear it slightly off your shoulder and now way you don't have too much of the jacket showing in the photo and the focus is more on you are you ready to take your turn.

        So you might be going back to school soon and I wanted to share with you guys a tip for picture day and how to take good photos using flash when you're getting ready and doing your makeup be sure to stick to matte beauty products because these ones absorb the light and it doesn't have any flashback whereas you know things with shimmer and more glitter in it will tend to give you a word glowy or do your effect so focus on shimmery products on like your highlight area and then use mac products and places where you want to contour.

             Another tip to look slimmer when it comes to taking photos or portraits is to not look directly at the camera but to turn your body a little bit to a45-degree angle and then turn your head back over and you'll tend to look a lot more slimmer in your posture and also on your face sometimes you might feel that photos can add weight to your face well you should probably look into your lens so Izumo ends although it gives you a nice like bokeh effect will actually add weight to your face whereas a wide-angle lens will make you look slimmer in your photos 

           I don't know about you guys but once I purchase my DSLR camera or anything that's more of a professional camera everyone in my family started asking me to help take passport photos or their new profile picture for Facebook and areally easy way to kind of upgrade that and to make it even more of a professional job is to purchase some backdrops so you can buy this online on amazon - really really cheap so you can just tape this on the wall or you can also buy a backdrop stand just to hold everything up depending on how often you think you're going to be using this and it definitely makes your pictures look a lot more professionals looking a little ghetto lets just move on in and does it look professional.

            Another fun thing you can add is some props so I pick these up from paper source these are multi-colors like confetti pieces and then I also have some gold glitter confetti in the air and take some really cool self-time portraits with your friends birthday currently so much money on the ground but looks good though weird bad shot birthday moving on to the next tip you want to take some great photos laying down on the ground or on the grass at a park or something it can be really tricky you can have a double chin you can look a lot wider than you actually do so my trick here is have your photographer kind of take a little bit higher for you when you're taking a selfie just to bring it up a little higher put your chin down and then smile try to push your hair into your face and you will definitely look a lot slimmer.

        Now everybody has a photographer following them around everywhere so I think a really good tool to use as your self-timer on your phone that way you can have both of your hands in your selfie. 

         Few of my favorite photo editing apps on my phone are viscose Snapseedafterlight fuji for that vintage film effect I also love face tune when it comes to like you're bursting a simple taking photos and direct sunlight can be such a struggle but it definitely adds a nice glowing factor to your skin when you're taking a photo in the Sun just close your eyes for a few seconds before you take the photo and when you're ready just snap away and open up your eyes you can protect your eyes in the meantime let's go get that cool glowy effect.
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