Best Photo Editing Apps

                     Here are some different photography apps or just photo editing apps that you might want to check out if you like taking pictures and want to look perfect in it and pretty much all of these apps will be available on both iPhone and Android.

            The first photo editing app is one of my favorites actually made by Google and it is called Snapseed And its a really great photo editing app that has a bunch of really cool features and has a pretty nice interface, for example, one of the unique effects that I noticed they have that not really anything else has is calledambiencewhich just kind oflowersOr raises the brightness and pop of the image overall in a way that isDifferent than just raising the brightness or raising the contrast it's hard to describe, but youll notice how it worksAnd I seem to like it and this, of course, is in addition to all the regular adjustments you can make like brightness contrast saturationAll that theres a ton of different tools you can use you slide up the draweryou can see all the stuff you can do including filters plus a bunch of different adjustments such asPhysical adjustments like perspective, or you can kind of warp the imagemaybe if it isAt a weird angle or something you can adjust it that way and fix it so theres a lot you can do with this app And it has really good quality.


     The second app is going to be called picsart And this one a little bit different from the previous ones and that its a lot more cartoony. I guess it has a much different style for the filters So youll have a lot of stickers that you can put on the photos and also it has a lot of distortion effects that are pretty interesting so you get the classic swirl the one that'll make your face look bulging and all that stuff but there are some other cool ones that might be kind of unique and kind of like how we talked about in some of the other apps you're gonna have some strong filters I guess you could say they're not just adjusting the hue and stuff. But really change the colors completely color effects art effects like with prism that apply almost like an artistic Redrawing of it or something and also if you take a lot of selfies There are effects that will fix your face not to the degree of Photoshop fix but just in general and the one thing you need to know is though I think there might be a paid version, but the free version has ads that pop up what you're kind of annoying I don't think I've seen any otherPhoto editing apps that literally have a whole screen add pop-up yet to wait to go away so that's really annoying but it seems like this app is more focused on making fun edits like with stickers and all that as opposed to like artistic photos alright now



           The next photo editor is called vsco, which is actually one of the first apps that had filters think it was even before Instagram so obviously they have a lot of unique filters that you can apply to photos and More than Instagram really, but also it does have a bunch of other effects too, for example, has a specific skin tone tool which can basically target and adjust the skin tone so if you're pale its bright sunlight or something you can fix it that way and another really good example for an effect is the ability to ten. The shadows or the highlights specifically which I really haven't seen in many other apps if at also if you are really specific for how you want a photo to look this could be a good way to do it in addition to those filtersObviously and kind of like Snapseed, its gonna. It Has a lot of tools as well. It's fully featured so at this point you can probably use both of them and it's more of just which you prefer in terms of the interface.


          This app is a little bit different from the previous photo editor we just talked about in that more focuses on filters that kind of convert your photos into type of artwork it's not filters that just kind of adjust the color but it applies different effects to the photos so what I mean by that and you can see examples here there are effects, for example, making your photo look like a watercolor or an oil? Painting or a sketch photo or something like that it's not just in terms of making the photo looks colorful or something it completely changes the way the photo looks really now a lot of these are pretty Extreme so if you use these effects on every photo it might get a little bit old but you can adjust the degree to which these effects apply to the photo so maybe if you're posting stuff on Instagram And you want to make one a little bit more artistic you can use a little bit of one of these effects or just change it up and use it completely so it's definitely something that is a little bit different that you might want to check out at least have on your tool belt alright 


    Pixlr is photo editing kind of like what we talked about before with Snapseed and Visco. Its pretty similar to those and that it's just a really good photo editor with lots of different effects and filters and it has a really good interface as well, so maybe you want the effects of the previous apps but you don't like the interface. this is another one you can check out and even if it does have most of the same other stuff that the other apps have it might still be worth having in case. I don't know you don't like the filters on the other one and you want to check out other options this could be a good one at least.


  So moving on to the next app this one is actually not a photo editing app, but one for taking unique photos and its called focus , and this is actually unfortunately only for ios and you have to have an iPhone that has dual cameras and Ill explain that in a second basically what this app does is use both of the dual cameras to figure out what is closer and what is further away to basically make a fake?A bouquet like a photo with a blurry background now the portrait mode on the iPhone does this but it doesn't always work perfectly and sometimes it doesn't work if it's not like a person so this will actually work on literally anything and it uses that parallax to try and figure it out. This one's not perfect either sometimes they get weird edges especially if there's brightness issues or the backgrounds kind of similar colorBut it still is uniqueAnd I think its at least worth having for sure alright now coming near the end we got a more 

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