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                       I wanted to do a full review of the Apple Watch a review when it first came out I wanted to get a chance to know it a little better see if there were any giant differences. The Apple Watch Series 3 is a stylish watch that is a must-have if you want to stay fit. The watch features an enhanced Heart Rate app, as well as an integrated altimeter. Carry your favorite songs on your wrist and listen to them. This smartwatch, equipped with Siri, makes it enjoyable to be active and stay connected.

    Specification Highlights
1-GPS and Altimeter
3-Voice Based Siri 
4-3 Activity Rings Tracking - Move, Exercise, Stand
5-Smart Coaching
6-Activity Sharing and Achievements
7-Heart Rate Monitor
8-Breathe App
11-Notifier, Fitness & Outdoor
12-Operating System -watchOS 4
13-Compatible Operating System-iOS 10 and Above
14-Number of Cores-Dual Core
15-Processor Name-S3

16-Internal Memory-8 GB

                          The Apple Watch Series 3 comes with two size and color variants 38mm and 42mm and comes with white and black color.


                    Before I jump into Review I want to talk a little bit about smartwatches, in general, I am a ball a conflicted emotion when it comes to these little computers on my wrist part of me wants to be like what's the point apps on your wrist are stupid they're slow they're hard to launch and it just as easy to look at my phone if all I need to see its a notification the other part of me when I don't wear a Smart Watch super misses it and I'm not sure which side is winning so my approach with smartwatches is kind of like a question mark they useful? Sometimes, are they not useful? Yeah, probably but the Apple Watch Series 3 does bring something new that takes it one step closer to actual utility and that's LTE availability you can tell you've got an LTE model by the real red on the crown and that;s pretty much the only way you can tell you've got an Apple Watch Series 3 as opposed to the AppleWatch Series 2 or really the original Apple Watch. So a couple things I really like about this series 3 I think Apple improved over previous versions that is battery life hot damn is battery life good I went three days without charging the Apple Watch by time one day went by I used about 30% so 30% each day is pretty awesome.

                           It's going for about 7:00 a.m. until about 10:00 p.m. the big caveat though if you have LTE turned on or at least LTE active so if you leave your phone at home it'll detect that and I'll turn the LTE modem on battery life with LTE is not great I did a test of ability to make a one-hour phone call on the watch with LTE and that drained the battery from complete to zero. If you've got LTE on and just like out walking in the park or something you can generally get through maybe about five to six hours away before the battery life is gonna come pretty close to death but I don;t think the use case is most people using LTE all the time I think it;s using LTE when you;re going for a run you're going for swim or doing a workout that;s when you want have the benefit of having LTE on that kind of things it works pretty well.

                              One of the big benefits of LTE and this wasn't there at launch actually was the ability to stream Apple Music to wireless headphones when you don't have your phone near you and I tried it paired it with some AirPods it worked really well as I went for my run I could ask whatever song I wanted to play I could play playlist anything I wanted to do anything I could do with apple Music for my phone I could just do with my watch. And if music is something that's really important to you and maybe you wanna listen to music at home or by your bedsides I want to thank the folks at home for sponsoring this video making it possible in particular their IAVS 16 and this thing does absolutely everything it's an alarm clock it's got Alexa built-in it's got a USB port on the back for charging your Apple Watch or whatever else you want to charge and most importantly I think it addresses the big shortcoming with an Amazon Echo device they don't have a screen so if you have an alarm set you wake up in the middle of night you want to know what time it is you got to ask it and it's loud and could wake up the person sleeping next to you this has a screen built-in it's got really cool LED lights that will glow when you ask Alexa question it does everything in a really nice small compact footprint I; 

                 The Apple Watch Series 3 seems geared towards the Fitbit crowd the folks that want a SmartWatch that's geared towards workouts you; ve got a barometric altimeter in here you've got new workout apps and make it easier it automatically detects when you are working out. You got a revised heart rate sensor so if you need a watch to work out it;s still probably the best going admittedly I should work out a little bit more but when I did do the workout it worked out great when I;d start working out and I forget to set my watch it would know and it would start tracking and that was nice I liked the added heartrate stuff that it does.

                      If you are into working out then that might be a reason to get the Apple Watch when it comes to me and fitness I; generally only fitting this whole pizza in my mouth. Some other nice things versus previous versions this one's way faster the Apple Watch Series 1 was certainly slow when launching the apps off the watch2 got a little bit quicker. The jump from two to three though seems like three or four times as fast if you want to launch apps and speaking of apps I don't use them on a smartwatch I think it's cumbersome to find them when they launch they're not that useful it's easier for me just to look at my phone the only time I really ever use apps to check like a football score or something on ESPN but that was pretty much it for me. My use case for the watch is generally notifications being able to talk to Siri and she;ll now talk back to you with the Apple Watch Series 3 which is nice and then being able to make an occasional phone call on LTE using a speakerphone. 
                   So maybe for me, the series3 isn't necessary most of those things I could do on series 2 but being able to have LTE has been nice for that peace of mind but all that peace of mind is damn expensive you;re starting at four hundred bucks to get a watch with LTE then it's depending on your carrier about ten bucks a month for the LTE service then you gotta have an iPhone to go along with that by the time you get all this stuff together if you've got a new generation iPhone you're looking at like1500 bucks just to get out the door and that's a lot of money to have freedom from your phone it's also kind of weird that Apple's trying to sell you on freedom from your phone while also trying to sell you a phone. 

                   All right so who is the Apple Watch Series 3 for? First, if you already know you're an Apple Watch fan and you want to upgrade then yeah you're gonna do it anyway for coming from the first-gen Apple Watch it's gonna be a gigantic update for you not only for battery life but for speed and overall OS and software improvements it's a gigantic improvement. If you're coming from a Series 2 I mean other than LTE there's very little difference here there are some new band colors but you can just buy those from the Apple Store or buy a ton of third-party bands from Amazon that's who the watch is for other than that I; not sure who the target market is I like it I don't love it kind of sums up myopathy in general toward smartwatches and not just the Apple Watch and I think having worn Android Wear for years now the OS that Apple's got on the Apple watch called watch OS it's way better and more intuitive than Android Wear but at their heart, they both do the same thing. And if that same thing that it does is for you then great if it doesn't you can skip it wait for next-gen and hopefully we'll see a design change and maybe a little round screen or these sort of look noticeably different than the very first version that hit. 

                All right so that; the Apple Watch Series 3 it's kind of the same thoughts I've had for one and two it's probably the best SmartWatch out there whether or not you need a smartwatch or you want a SmartWatch it all comes down to your personal usage if you want the latest from Apple you can get it if you're a workout fanatic you wannabe able to track your heart rate a little bit better maybe you run-up in the mountains I don't want to know your altitude it's nice to have if you're coming from the first-gen watch and you want the waterproofing and you want the speed nice to have that there as well if you're rocking a series 2 I think to stick with your series 2 for another year perhaps your patience will be rewarded and let me know what you guys think did you buy a series 3 if you did why you;re using LTE till next time 
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