God of War

             God of War is  video action-adventure game is developed and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and Santa Monica Studio. The eighth installment of the God of War series, the 8th chronologically, and the sequel to 2010 's God of War 3  valkyrie  was released on April 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4 (PS4) console. This installation is based loosely on the Northern mythology and the majority of it in old Norway, Midgard, valkyrie unlike previous games which have been freely based on Greek mythology. God of War 4 .

           There are two main actors in the series for the first time: Kratos, the former Greek war god who remains the only person to be played and his young son Atreus; the player can control it passively at times. After the death of the second wife of Kratos and Atreus ' mother, they travel to fulfill their promise of spreading their ashes on the highest peak of the 9 kingdoms. Kratos keeps a secret of Atreus, who does not know his divine nature, in his troubled past. They meet monsters and gods of the Norse world along their journey. they meet.

                    God of War is a third-person video game for action-adventure. The game is presented in a continuous shoot, without camera cut-offs or loading screens. Although Ascension (2013) was previously the main installment, it is introduced to the player by multiplayer, and has the following version. The game has a free overhead camera, which leaves the previous installation and features a fixed film camera, with the exception of the two-dimensional side scroller, Betreyal.

       And players use a boat to cross bodies of water.Contrary to previous games where players can jump freely whenever they are required, jumping can now occur only in specified areas like on rockface or ledge. Throughout the game, players are fighting mythological enemies of Northern North such as the Dark Elves, the Wulvers and the Gullveig, among others the Gullven and the revenants.Walkyries seem to be optional boss fighting and, among many side fighting, players are allowed to set free the prisoners Fáfnir, Otr, and Reginn— dragons turned into — in addition to fighting against the city of one of the dragons.

         In combo combat and puzzle game elements, the player controls the character Kratos. A major change is that Kratos is no longer using his signature dual-chained blades, the Blades of Chaos, as his default weapon. The Blades of Chaos is the most important thing. He used instead a magical axis of fighting, the Leviathan axis, injecting elemental magic with ice. The axis can be thrown at the enemies and called back magically to its hand (as Thor's Mjölnir hammer is). Greater enemies have accurate objectives and axing these objectives is astonishing to the enemy.

         The weapons can also be thrown at environmentally damaging objects and objects and some enemies can be freezed in order to solve puzzles until the axis is called back into the hand of Kratus. The axis has standard light and heavy attacks and can be upgraded over time with runes to allow for special runic attacks, with a light runic slot and a heavy one. This gives players a variety of options for their own play style.Kratos is using the Guardians Shield as another new weapon. It folds up if not in use and appears as a vambrace in the left forearm of Kratos. When summoned, the shield may be used in an offensive and defensive manners, like in previous games with the Golden fleece. Kratos also uses a hand-to-hand fight valkyrie.

           The Blades of Chaos, filled with elementary firemagic, is acquired late into the game via a plot device and can also be upgraded with light and heavy runic attacks, similarly to in previous installations.

          Like previous games, Spartan Rage exists as a "rage. " The Rage capacity has a meter, as with the previous versions, which fills during the fight. Kratos uses this capacity to damage the enemy greatly by means of powerful naked attacks, in contrast to arms. This game also has elements similar to RPGs. Players can find the skill of creating new or upgrading existing armors at higher cost. Players also have a currency called hacksilver which is a key component to manufacture and buy new products. In the entire game world there are chests containing the random elements of hacksilver and armors and enchantment, as well as two special items, Apple and Horn of Blood Mead in Iżunn which increase the maximum length of the health and rage meters. Experience points (XP) are used for learning new combat skills.

           The meters are filled with green and red orbs respectively, which are found throughout the world of games.Quick times have changed compared to earlier games. Enemies show two meters above their heads, one for health (the color of which shows the problem for the enemy) as well as the other for astonishment. Stunmeter filling helps to defeat harder enemies. A grab prompt appears, if the stun meter is full. Kratos may rip it half way or grab it and throw it among other possible results into other enemies, depending on the enemy.

         Although the game is played completely as Kratos, sometimes the player can passively control the son of Kratos, Atreus. Atreus has one button and its use is context-dependent. If a player needs assistance, for example, he can look at the enemy, press and Atreus will shoot arrows against his opponent using his Talon Bow, while arrows have little effect on the health of the enemy, they increase the stun meter. He distracts the weaker when Kratos fights the stronger when he confronts a large number of enemies. If too many enemies gang up on Atreus, the rest of that fight is knocked out. Just like Kratos Atreus acquires new skills, armors and special arrows for his Talon Bow, like lightning arrows, but it has only one slot, not two. Atreus ' runic attacks have brought together various spectral animals with various capabilities. For instance, the one invites a wolf who attacks enemies and the other calls Ratatoskr who digs up orbs for the health and rage meter mentioned above. 
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