After oarfish sightings, Japan is afraid of yet another earthquake.

                A few deep-water oarfish have recently been washed or caught up in local fishing networks in Japan. The conclusion reached by many social media users in the country is that it is time to move upwards.After sightings of a deep- water fish supposed to be a precursor to earthquakes and tsunamis, fear of a natural disaster is swirling online in Japan.

          " This is certainly evidence of an earthquake precursor, "offered a Twitter post. Observations of the large, snake-like oarfish in Japan "are thought of as a predator for earthquakes and tsunamis, "reports CNN.

               When a major underwater earthquake brewing, the fish probably head to the ocean or beach themselves, the idea being that fish in deep water are tailored to the quickening of fault lines and act accordingly.

                 " The theory that oarfish appear around big quakes has nothing scientific evidence, "said Kazusa Saiba from the Uozu Aquarium in Japan. " But we can not deny the possibility at 100 percent. "Hiroyuki Motomura, a Kagoshima University Professor of Ithyology in Asia, said the oarfish are often found washed up on the beaches "to rise to the surface when their physical condition is poor. " After reports that around a twelve fish have been discovered along the coast of the land within a few months before the devastating Fukushima 2011, the Oarfish myth has reportedly gained prominence in Japan.

               A large earthquake could have a significant impact on both Japan and Oregon in the Pacific Ocean. The Oregon Coast was flooded by an estimated magnitude of 9 in 1700, which caused massive land slides and forest gradients. The results of the destructive "orphan tsunami "are recorded at that time by officials at Japan. 
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