7th Pay Commission:, Increasing salary, The Teachers Benefit ....

                 During the elections, the Narendra Modi government has brought good news for teachers and employees of Central University. The Human Resource Ministry has announced the implementation of recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. Now, for the teachers and staff of Central University, the way to pay allowance is made clear by the 7th Pay Commission.

        From 2017, the benefit will be given to teachers, educational staff, registrar, finance officer and the Controller of Examinations from the 1st Pay Commission on July 1, 2017. The special thing is that these employees will be given a period of 19 months. 

The Central Government has sanctioned on 
January 15 the Central Government approved the implementation of the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission for teachers and employees. On January 28, the Education Ministry issued the revised notification. However, the deposits will have an additional burden of Rs 1241.78 crore on public expenditure. 
Profit for more than 30 teachers

The new order will benefit 30,000 teachers and employees of Central University and 5500 teachers of honorary universities. Reforms related to the Ministry of Human Resource Development have been issued. This decision of the government will give benefit to the teachers of the Central University, their equivalent educational cadre, registrars, finance staff and conducting the exams. During the allocation of guest faculty 

   the University Grants Commission (UGC) has increased the distribution of guest faculty members. Earlier, Rs 1500 was received for the lecture of Guest Saints, which has now been increased to Rs 50,000 per month. It was about 1000 to 25000 thousand rupees. According to the circular issued by the UGC, the appointment of the guest faculty will be posted only on approved posts. 

Special couples were also expanded

Special allowance has been extended to the Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University. Now the Vice-Chancellor gets a sum of 11,250 rupees. At the same time, the Vice Chancellor will be given Rs 9,000, Postgraduate College of Postgraduate College will be given Rs 6750 and the undergraduate college under Principal will be given Rs 4,500. 

Scholarships were also expanded for the students, 

besides raising the allowances of Central University teachers, the central government has increased the involvement of other researchers with PhD students in any field of classical and technological studies. It will be effective January 1, 2019.
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