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                                Hello Guys, Welcome to SmartHyTech World.In this article we are discussing about Radar System. Nowdays, radars are used for detecting and tracking at sea aircraft, spacecraft  and ships, as well as insects and birds in the atmosphere; to measure the speed of cars; to map the earth's surface from space; and to measure atmospheric and ocean properties.Radar principles Other similar technologies, such as sonar, sodar and lidar (laser radar), were developed.which allow the detection of ocean and optically clear air phenomena and targets.

Defination of Radar :

                         RADAR stands for radio detection and system scanning.

               Radar is a radio Wave Detection System that determines the range, angle or speed of objects.

 Working of Radar System  :

                        The radar system has a transmitter which transmits radio waves in predetermined directions called radar signals. The signals are usually reflected or dispersed in many directions when they come into contact with an object. The radar signals to the transmitter are the desirable ones.

     It works by radiating energy into space and monitoring the echo of the objects or the reflection signal. It works in both the UHF and microwave ranges.

      In simple words the RADAR system is usually a transmitter that produces an electromagnetic signal that is radiated through an antenna into space. If this signal strikes an object, it is reflected in many directions.

      This reflected or echo signal is received by the radar antenna that delivers it to the receiver, where the object's geographical statistics are determined. The range is determined by the time the signal takes to travel from the RADAR to the destination and back.

        The location of the target is measured in angle, the antenna points to the direction of the maximum amplitude echo signal. Doppler Effect is used to measure the range and location of moving objects.


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