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Pixel 3 Most secure phone of Google, but with Titan M Mobile Security--/SmartHyTech World

            Hello Guy, welcome to Smarthytech World .In this article we are discuss about google's Most secure phone that is one an only Pixel 3.That was possible by the TITAN M security. For Mobile Security  .   
      As all we know the Security has always been a top priority for Pixel Phone, with both Google devices hardware and software. The google includes the monthly security updates and annual OS updates, so that Pixel is always has the safest Android version and Google Play Protect to help protect your phone from malware.  Pixel 2 last year also included a dedicated hardware security module to protect your lock screen and enhance disk encryption.
   This year, with Pixel 3, Google produces secure hardware with Titan M, a custom- made enterprise security chip for Pixel 3 to secure your most sensitive on- device data and operating system.With Titan M, They take  the best features from the Titan chip used in data centers in Google Cloud and tailored it for mobile applications.

       This is Titan M's way of protecting your phone.

   *On-Device and Lock Screen Protection Disk Encryption
   Pixel 3 also uses Titan M to check the passcode on your lock screen. It makes it harder to guess multiple password combinations by limiting the number of logon attempts, making it difficult to unlock your phone for bad actors. Titan M only gets your passcode checked successfully.
    *Secure third - party app transactions
  Titan M is not only used to protect Android and its functionality, but also to protect apps and secure sensitive transactions from third parties. Apps can now use the StrongBox KeyStore APIs with Android 9 to generate and store their private keys in Titan M.The Google Pay team actively tests these new APIs to secure transactions. The first device with this protection is Pixel 3.
     * Bootloader security
     To protect Android from external tampering, Titan M has been integrated into Verified Boot, a secure boot process for pixels.


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