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Google Pixel phones can now take amazing pictures in the dark — here's a look -/SmartHyTech World

                              Hi guy, Welcome to SmartHyTech World . In this Article we are discuss about camera Quality of Google Pixel.we know that the pixel is kown for Impressive camera quality . It takes bright images even in dark with the upgraded night mode feature. here is how to use it or set it. 

 ·         Google's Pixel smartphone line has just upgraded the camera: all three models now have access to their new Night Sight feature to take better pictures in the dark.

·        In essence, the camera app takes a burst of sharp photos and merges them all together while automatically rebalancing colors to make them more authentic.

·      After  I tested it for a few nights, I was blown away by the difference: my otherwise dark, stubborn pictures looked dramatically better.  

Taking photos in the dark on your smartphone is usually a lovely experience.

*The pictures often turn out to be dull, colorless or blurry, unless you use a flash, in which case you are stuck with artificial brightness and red eyes. Without a tripod and the expertise to manually adjust the camera settings of your phone, it is hard to capture a dark scene that looks clear and authentic.That's why the latest Google Pixel phone camera update feels so unbelievable.

 * The Night Sight feature just launched by Google makes it as easy to take bright, crisp photos in the dark as you wait a few extra moments after you press the shutter button. The app basically takes a burst of sharp, dark pictures and combines them,while the colors are automatically rebalanced to make them more accurate. After a few tests in the evening, some of the results really surprised me.
 While I took most of the following shots on Google's latest Pixel version, the camera update is also available for its two previous models. That's why Night Sight is especially revolutionary: Google simply used software to make these dramatic improvements in low- light photography.
*To use it, make sure you have the latest version of the Pixel Camera app downloaded. If you take a picture in a dark setting, the option to use Night Sight will either pop up automatically or you can access it by pressing the button " more":
Once you have activated the setting, it is intuitive and can have dramatic effects. Consider my friend Melia 's picture( click to enlarge this and every other picture in this series.
*You can also see how the feature lifts me out of the shadow in this group shot and shines the whole scene:

Depending on which phone you're using, how much the subject moves, how much your hand moves and how bright the scene is, Google's Night Sight will tell you not to move for one to six seconds while taking a bunch of pictures.
*Although the feature will not work in complete darkness, it most impressively showed its chops when there was almost no light:
 *You can imagine the abuse potential here. It will be much easier for Pixel phone users to take pictures in dark situations where they are not asked to snap pictures in a way that you can't flash, like the theater.

But the effect is amazing, with potential misuse aside. Although the feature alone may not be sufficient to win Pixel converts (except night owls), it is almost shockingly good and one of the most impressive recent cameras from any phone maker.

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