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                  In an interview with the news website Axios broadcast on HBO TV Free market that does not protect privacy, Tim Cook concedes. He expects the US Congress to take up the issue. 

                                    Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said that in the wake of a series of scandals, new regulations for the tech industry are "inevitable," rejoining a debate that intensifies along with political pressure on Facebook, the company's rival. 
       Mr Cook said “ the free market is not working ” and politicians will step in. His comments come amid simmering tension between Apple and Facebook. Facebook was accused earlier this week of using underhand tactics to contain the consequences of Russian interference in the social network.and controversy about user data leakage in the research firm Cambridge Analytica.
        The actions of Facebook, reported by the New York Times, included contracting with the Republican consulting firm Definers, which tried to smear competitors and opponents on their behalf.

      Cook also said he expects the US Congress to take the issue on board. " I 'm not a big regulator in general," Cook said in an excerpt published by Axios. " I'm a great free market believer. But when the free market doesn't work, we have to admit. And here, it didn't work.
" I think that something will happen to Congress and the administration at some point. " Cook was previously a proponent of self - regulation, especially with regard to data protection for users. However, following the scandal that saw Cambridge Analytica obtain data from Millions of Facebook users said that the industry is now " beyond" the self- regulation scope. Facebook has tried to address concerns about how it protects user data and protects against the use of the site in order to spread misinformation aimed at influencing elections.
Controversies that have struck Facebook since the 2016 US presidential election have raised questions about whether co- founder Mark Zuckerberg should remain Chief Executive Officer. Turning to gender inequality at work, Cook said that the technology industry is generally strong in diversity, although a culture dominated by men prevails. " From a gender perspective, I agree with 100 percent that the Silicon Valley has missed it,And tech has generally missed it, " he said. Cook added, " I'm actually encouraged at this point that over time there will be a marked improvement. "

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