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Maharashtra Board SSC Time Table 2019: 10th Time Table 2019

Maharashtra Board SSC Time Table 2019: 10th Time Table 2019

                                   The official website recently published the 2019 Maharashtra Board SSC Time Table or Time Table for the 10th Maharashtra Board Review. You can also download it in PDF format here. From 1 March 2019 onwards, the Maharashtra Council of Higher and Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) will be carrying out Board examinations for (SSC) grade 10. The final examination of the 2019 class 10 examinations of the Maharashtra Board will take place on 22 March 2019. For further updates, please check the full schedule.


        For Time table Click here  >>>    10th Time Table 2019


7th Pay Commission:, Increasing salary, The Teachers Benefit ....

                 During the elections, the Narendra Modi government has brought good news for teachers and employees of Central University. The Human Resource Ministry has announced the implementation of recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission. Now, for the teachers and staff of Central University, the way to pay allowance is made clear by the 7th Pay Commission.

        From 2017, the benefit will be given to teachers, educational staff, registrar, finance officer and the Controller of Examinations from the 1st Pay Commission on July 1, 2017. The special thing is that these employees will be given a period of 19 months. 

The Central Government has sanctioned on 
January 15 the Central Government approved the implementation of the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission for teachers and employees. On January 28, the Education Ministry issued the revised notification. However, the deposits will have an additional burden of Rs 1241.78 crore on public expenditure. 
Profit for more than 30 teachers

The new order will benefit 30,000 teachers and employees of Central University and 5500 teachers of honorary universities. Reforms related to the Ministry of Human Resource Development have been issued. This decision of the government will give benefit to the teachers of the Central University, their equivalent educational cadre, registrars, finance staff and conducting the exams. During the allocation of guest faculty 

   the University Grants Commission (UGC) has increased the distribution of guest faculty members. Earlier, Rs 1500 was received for the lecture of Guest Saints, which has now been increased to Rs 50,000 per month. It was about 1000 to 25000 thousand rupees. According to the circular issued by the UGC, the appointment of the guest faculty will be posted only on approved posts. 

Special couples were also expanded

Special allowance has been extended to the Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice Chancellor and Principal of the University. Now the Vice-Chancellor gets a sum of 11,250 rupees. At the same time, the Vice Chancellor will be given Rs 9,000, Postgraduate College of Postgraduate College will be given Rs 6750 and the undergraduate college under Principal will be given Rs 4,500. 

Scholarships were also expanded for the students, 

besides raising the allowances of Central University teachers, the central government has increased the involvement of other researchers with PhD students in any field of classical and technological studies. It will be effective January 1, 2019.

Samsung Galaxy M20, Galaxy M10 First Sale Today In India

                             In India the price of Samsung Galaxy M20  will begin at Rs. 10,990 for the low-end RAM 3 GB and 32 GB onboard storage model, while the high-end RAM 4 GB and 64 GB internal storage model will be available for Rs.12,990. The Galaxy M10 was price tagged at Rs. 7,990 for the 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage base variant. The top model with a RAM value of 3 GB and an internal storage value of 32 GB bear a Rs.8,990. Besides Amazon India, smartphones are sold through the Samsung e-shop. 

Samsung Galaxy M20, Galaxy M10 specifications -

  Galaxy M20-
                The Galaxy M20 Dual-SIM (Nano) boots the 9.5 UX Samsung Experience based on an Android 8.1 Oreo and features an Infinity-V display with a 19.5:9 lookout. The Exynos 7904 SoC combines up to 4 GB of RAM to power the new smartphone. The Galaxy M20 comes with double rear cameras in the imaging department, consisting of a 13 megapixel main sensor and a 5-megapixel ultra large sensor. The Galaxy M20 can be expanded via a microSD card (up to 512 GB) with up to 64 GB of internal storage, while a 5,000-mAh battery keeps the lights on.

Galaxy M10-

                The smaller Galaxy M10 is equipped with a 6.2 inches HD+ (720x1520 pixel) Infinity-V Display with a 19:9 looks ratio, as is a Samsung Experience 9.6 USD smartphone based on Android 8.1Oreo. The Galaxy M10, combined with 2 GB or 3 GB of RAM, is powered by an Exynos 7870 SoC. A double camera set-up in the back of the new Galaxy M-series sports a primary sensor of 13 MP and a secondary sensor of 5 MP, while the front has a 5 MP sensor. The Galaxy is equipped with up to 32 GB internal storage, extendable via a microSD card (up to 512 GB) and powered by 3,400 mAh battery without fast charge supports 

Monday, February 4, 2019

WhatsApp Adds New Feature Of Fingerprint Lock or Face ID To The Chats: Here Is How New WhatsApp Screen Lock functionality is started

                                 The most awaited authentication feature of all iOS beta users was implemented on the WhatsApp instant messaging platform. The new beta-update published through TestFlight Beta has been added to the functionality found by WABetainfo. It forms part of WhatsApp 's first official beta program features.
         The new update now adds the WhatsApp iPhone fingerprint lock. In addition to the existing' end-to-end encryption' only chatting users can get access to their messages, it has been introduced to make conversations more secure.
           FaceID unlock is available for users with iPhone X or higher. And the Facebook company introduced either TouchID or passcode for users with the iPhone below. The WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy feature provides authentication.
           Users have to choose the screen lock from their setting to start the authentication feature for their devices. However, users will continue to respond to messages from the locked screen notifications directly. You can also answer calls without authentication.
         The TouchID or FaceID function on WhatsApp will be configured by the user. Users must close and restart the app to use the feature. In order to use the WhatsApp, the app will then authenticate your identity. If one of them fails, users can access the app using the passcode.
          Since fingerprint and face unlock data are encrypted on the iPhone, the WhatsApp does not obtain user security data since access to this information is managed at telephone level and it is impossible to extract it. In the next 2.19.20 App Store update, the feature will immediately be enabled.
            In addition, WhatsApp now enables the use of a specific sticker to be downloaded from a sticker pack. So users don't have to download the full package of stickers. For this, just open the WhatsApp Stickers in the App Store, then tap and hold the sticker you want to add to it. 

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Super Bowl 2019: Start Time

             On February, in Super Bowl LIII, the Patriots and Rams face off. 3 in the Atlanta stadium of Mercedes Benz. The starting time is set at 6:30 p.m. AND. Kansas City in the AFC Championship has been defeated by New England.
            Los Angeles advanced to the NFC championship with a win over New Orleans. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady looks forward in nine appearances to his sixth Super Bowl title. In 18 years, it is the ninth Patriots super bowl. In this great game's halftime show Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi will perform. The national anthem will be performed before kickoff, legend of Motown Gladys Knight.
          The Patriots and Rams are to take to the Super Bowl XXXVI, which began the unbelievable race of New England 17 years ago with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. It will be the ninth trip of the patriots to the super bowl and they will look forward to their sixth victory. Since the showdown with the Patriots, the Rams have been making their first trip to the Super Bowl and they are looking for their first Super Bowl win since 1999.
               On Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019 Super Bowl LIII is scheduled to be held. Start time is 18:30 p.m. AND.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Google announced an shut down of the consumer version of Google Plus

            Google said the reasons behind its decision were "low use and challenges to maintain a successful product that meets consumer expectations. "

           Users will not be able to create new contents from 4 February and the consumer version is due on 2 April for complete shutdown.
           If you are an owner or moderator of Google+ Community, your Google+ Community data can be downloaded and saved. Further data, including writers, bodies and photos for each publicity post in a public community, will be available for download from early March 2019.
               And if you wonder what happens to all these sites and apps that you sign in to the Google+ login button, you can't worry about anything. While most of these buttons will stop working in the next few weeks, you can replace some of them with a Google Sign-Up option so that you can login to your account via Google. 

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw Releasing on ...........

                           Hobbs and Shaw is a upcoming American Action film directed by David Leitch and composed by Chris Morgan. Hobb & Shaw (formerly known as Hobbs and Shaw; UK: Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw) is the first American action film. The Fast and The Furious series, which features two characters, Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, are set to be a spin-off. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham as well as Helen Kirby and Idris Elba are the stars. Film stars include Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns. On 2 August 2019, Universal Pictures is scheduled to release this film.

  CASTS - 
         Dwayne Johnson- as Luke Hobbs, a federal agent working for the DSS and also at odds with Shaw after the events of Furious 7 and The Fate of the Furious.
        Jason Statham -as Deckard Shaw, a former British Special Forces assassin turned mercenary who had been imprisoned by Hobbs after his defeat in Los Angeles and thus is at odds with him. He joins forces with Hobbs to pursue Brixton.

Idris Elba -as Brixton, an international terrorist leader and a criminal mastermind who is in conflict with Hobbs and Shaw.

Vanessa Kirby- as Hattie Shaw, an MI6 field agent and Deckard's sister.

Helen Mirren -as Magdalene Shaw, mother of Deckard, Owen and Hattie.

Roman Reigns- as Duke Hobbs, Luke's brother

After oarfish sightings, Japan is afraid of yet another earthquake.

                A few deep-water oarfish have recently been washed or caught up in local fishing networks in Japan. The conclusion reached by many social media users in the country is that it is time to move upwards.After sightings of a deep- water fish supposed to be a precursor to earthquakes and tsunamis, fear of a natural disaster is swirling online in Japan.
          " This is certainly evidence of an earthquake precursor, "offered a Twitter post. Observations of the large, snake-like oarfish in Japan "are thought of as a predator for earthquakes and tsunamis, "reports CNN.
               When a major underwater earthquake brewing, the fish probably head to the ocean or beach themselves, the idea being that fish in deep water are tailored to the quickening of fault lines and act accordingly.
                 " The theory that oarfish appear around big quakes has nothing scientific evidence, "said Kazusa Saiba from the Uozu Aquarium in Japan. " But we can not deny the possibility at 100 percent. "Hiroyuki Motomura, a Kagoshima University Professor of Ithyology in Asia, said the oarfish are often found washed up on the beaches "to rise to the surface when their physical condition is poor. " After reports that around a twelve fish have been discovered along the coast of the land within a few months before the devastating Fukushima 2011, the Oarfish myth has reportedly gained prominence in Japan.
               A large earthquake could have a significant impact on both Japan and Oregon in the Pacific Ocean. The Oregon Coast was flooded by an estimated magnitude of 9 in 1700, which caused massive land slides and forest gradients. The results of the destructive "orphan tsunami "are recorded at that time by officials at Japan. 

God of War

             God of War is  video action-adventure game is developed and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and Santa Monica Studio. The eighth installment of the God of War series, the 8th chronologically, and the sequel to 2010 's God of War 3  valkyrie  was released on April 20, 2018 for PlayStation 4 (PS4) console. This installation is based loosely on the Northern mythology and the majority of it in old Norway, Midgard, valkyrie unlike previous games which have been freely based on Greek mythology. God of War 4 .
           There are two main actors in the series for the first time: Kratos, the former Greek war god who remains the only person to be played and his young son Atreus; the player can control it passively at times. After the death of the second wife of Kratos and Atreus ' mother, they travel to fulfill their promise of spreading their ashes on the highest peak of the 9 kingdoms. Kratos keeps a secret of Atreus, who does not know his divine nature, in his troubled past. They meet monsters and gods of the Norse world along their journey. they meet.
                    God of War is a third-person video game for action-adventure. The game is presented in a continuous shoot, without camera cut-offs or loading screens. Although Ascension (2013) was previously the main installment, it is introduced to the player by multiplayer, and has the following version. The game has a free overhead camera, which leaves the previous installation and features a fixed film camera, with the exception of the two-dimensional side scroller, Betreyal.
       And players use a boat to cross bodies of water.Contrary to previous games where players can jump freely whenever they are required, jumping can now occur only in specified areas like on rockface or ledge. Throughout the game, players are fighting mythological enemies of Northern North such as the Dark Elves, the Wulvers and the Gullveig, among others the Gullven and the revenants.Walkyries seem to be optional boss fighting and, among many side fighting, players are allowed to set free the prisoners Fáfnir, Otr, and Reginn— dragons turned into — in addition to fighting against the city of one of the dragons.

         In combo combat and puzzle game elements, the player controls the character Kratos. A major change is that Kratos is no longer using his signature dual-chained blades, the Blades of Chaos, as his default weapon. The Blades of Chaos is the most important thing. He used instead a magical axis of fighting, the Leviathan axis, injecting elemental magic with ice. The axis can be thrown at the enemies and called back magically to its hand (as Thor's Mjölnir hammer is). Greater enemies have accurate objectives and axing these objectives is astonishing to the enemy.
         The weapons can also be thrown at environmentally damaging objects and objects and some enemies can be freezed in order to solve puzzles until the axis is called back into the hand of Kratus. The axis has standard light and heavy attacks and can be upgraded over time with runes to allow for special runic attacks, with a light runic slot and a heavy one. This gives players a variety of options for their own play style.Kratos is using the Guardians Shield as another new weapon. It folds up if not in use and appears as a vambrace in the left forearm of Kratos. When summoned, the shield may be used in an offensive and defensive manners, like in previous games with the Golden fleece. Kratos also uses a hand-to-hand fight valkyrie.
           The Blades of Chaos, filled with elementary firemagic, is acquired late into the game via a plot device and can also be upgraded with light and heavy runic attacks, similarly to in previous installations.
          Like previous games, Spartan Rage exists as a "rage. " The Rage capacity has a meter, as with the previous versions, which fills during the fight. Kratos uses this capacity to damage the enemy greatly by means of powerful naked attacks, in contrast to arms. This game also has elements similar to RPGs. Players can find the skill of creating new or upgrading existing armors at higher cost. Players also have a currency called hacksilver which is a key component to manufacture and buy new products. In the entire game world there are chests containing the random elements of hacksilver and armors and enchantment, as well as two special items, Apple and Horn of Blood Mead in Iżunn which increase the maximum length of the health and rage meters. Experience points (XP) are used for learning new combat skills.
           The meters are filled with green and red orbs respectively, which are found throughout the world of games.Quick times have changed compared to earlier games. Enemies show two meters above their heads, one for health (the color of which shows the problem for the enemy) as well as the other for astonishment. Stunmeter filling helps to defeat harder enemies. A grab prompt appears, if the stun meter is full. Kratos may rip it half way or grab it and throw it among other possible results into other enemies, depending on the enemy.
         Although the game is played completely as Kratos, sometimes the player can passively control the son of Kratos, Atreus. Atreus has one button and its use is context-dependent. If a player needs assistance, for example, he can look at the enemy, press and Atreus will shoot arrows against his opponent using his Talon Bow, while arrows have little effect on the health of the enemy, they increase the stun meter. He distracts the weaker when Kratos fights the stronger when he confronts a large number of enemies. If too many enemies gang up on Atreus, the rest of that fight is knocked out. Just like Kratos Atreus acquires new skills, armors and special arrows for his Talon Bow, like lightning arrows, but it has only one slot, not two. Atreus ' runic attacks have brought together various spectral animals with various capabilities. For instance, the one invites a wolf who attacks enemies and the other calls Ratatoskr who digs up orbs for the health and rage meter mentioned above. 

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The PlayerUnknown 's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

               The PlayerUnknown 's Battlegrounds (PUBG) was developed and released in 2017 by the company of South Korea 's video game company, Bluehole, online multiplayer combat battle royal game PUBG Corporation.
          The game was created for other games by Brendan "Player Unknown "Green, inspired by the 2000 Japanese Battle Royale movie and extended into a separate game in the creative direction of Greene.
In the pubg mobile game, up to 100 players parachute for weapons and equipment on an island and scavenge to kill others while they do not kill themselves.In pubg mobile the safe area of the game map decreases in size over time, which forces the players to meet in tighter areas. The final player or staff member wins the round.
        GAMEPLAY -
            Battlegrounds is a player versus a player's shooting game in a royal battle, a large-scale last man's death game in which players are fighting to stay last alive. The players are invited to enter the game alone, with a duet or with a small team of up to four. The game was won by the last person or team alive
 Each match begins with a parachute of the players from a airplane to one of the quatre maps, which covers an area of around 8 km to 8 km (5.0 to 5.0 mi), 6 km to 6 km and 4 km (2,5 to 2,5 mi).Each round of flight is round, and the players need to determines fast and fast the best time of the day for the ejecting and parachuting. The players start with each match with players from a plane to a map, and with an area approximately 8 to 8 km to 8 km. When they land, players can find weapons, vehicles, armor and other equipment to search for buildings, ghost cities and other sites.
   These items are distributed procedurally on the entire map at the beginning of the match with some risky areas typically having better equipment. Massive players can also be pillaged to acquire their equipment. Players could choose to play from either the first or the third party, each with its own advantages and inconveniences in combat and in situations.
         The playable area of the map begins to decline every few minutes to a random place, where every player caught outside the safe zone gradually takes damage and eventually is removed if the safe zone is not entered in time; in the game, the players view the boundary as a shiny blue wall that contracts over time.In either case, a few minutes before these events are warned to players to allow them time to move to safety. A jet flies across different parts of the playable map at random and drops the baggage containing objects typically not available for normal gambling. These paquets convey highly visible red smoke that draws interested players close and creates additional confrontations.On average it takes only 30 minutes to complete a round.
         When the round is completed, players gain input on a performance-based basis. The currency is used to purchase crates containing cosmetic objects for the purposes of the character or customisation of weapons. These events change the normal rules of the game as bigger teams or teams are established or the distribution of weapons and weapons throughout the game map is changed .

Call of Duty (COD)

             Call of Duty (COD) is the first person shooter video game . This game is really very amezing.As well as best graphics.The cod series started with Microsoft Windows and was enlarged to include consoles and handhelds.
             Multiple spin-off games were released like Call of Duty 2 ,Call of Duty 3, Call of Duty: WWII,Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare,Call of Duty: World at War,Call of Duty: Black Ops . The previous games of the series were mainly played in the Second World War but later games were typically played in modern times or future environments.
              The latest game was released on October 12, 2018, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.
      Activision is the owner of the call to duty games. Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games create several titles when the studio's games are released and alternated.

                Call of Duty places the player as a first person shooter in control of an infantry soldier who fights various genuine arms from the Second World War. Each task has a number of goals marked in the heads-up display's compass. The player must complete all goals in order to proceed to the next task. Instead of the control point system used in later Call of Duty games, you can save and load at all times.
 The player can hold up to ten grenades with two main weapon slots, a handgun slot. Waves may be replaced by dead soldiers found in the battlefield. The first game allowing players to switch between different firing methods (single or automatic fire) unlike the later Call of Duty games. Call of Duty is one of the first shooters to show iron sights during play; the player aims to achieve greater accuracy by pressing the corresponding key. The player can control mounted weapons and other fixed weapons locations, besides weapons carried by the player. The player can control them.

The game uses a standard health points system, and a health bar reflects a limited amount of health. The medkits scattered or dropped by certain enemies on all levels are used when the player is wounded to restore health. Call of Duty also included "shell shock "(not to be confused with the psychology of the same name): when the player is explosed, simulated tinnitus temporarily occurs. The sound effects of this shell shock are appropriate, the eyes are blurred and the player is also slowing down, unable to sprint.

Since the focus of the game is on simulating the actual fighting field, the gameplay was different from many single player fans. The player works with the ally instead of alone; the ally soldiers help the player defeat enemy soldiers and advance, but the player is responsible for achieving certain goals. The focus of the game is on utilization


Call of Duty 2  -

 Call of Duty 3 -

Call of Duty: WWII -

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare -

      Call of Duty 4:World war

Call of Duty: Black Ops -

                             All Games are best in class.

Concepts of Stock Market ? Basics

                     Stock market is place where you buy and sell shares of company.The stock market refers to public markets for the issuance, purchase and sale of stocks trading on an exchange or an over-the-counter exchange.
            Stocks, also known as shares, it represent fractional ownership in a company, and the stock market is a place where investors can purchase and sell ownership of such investment assets. An efficient stock market is considered critical for economic development, stock market is enables companies to quickly access public capital.
              *Why Stock Market Is Needed ?
                      There are two very important purposes for the stock market. The first is to capitalize on companies that can be used to finance and expand their businesses.
                lets go to understand that why stock market is needed ? So lets say if they have business and for business to grow they need capital , and some it gets capital from three Different sources Primarily -
              1- Banks - Banks giving them capital in form of loans for business of certain perticular amount . the amount which they have to pay with given interest.
              2 - Individual investor - where they buy certain percentage of company .
              3 -    But when company needed to create huge amount of capital from thousand of investor in that case the company needs to go publically . to get capital from public they have need to list their company shares on stock markets.

     *What Is Stock Exchange ?
                       The stock exchange is nothing but the exchange where stock brokers and traders can purchase and sell stock, bonds and other securities shares. Many large firms are listed on a stock exchange. This makes the inventory more liquid and attractive for many investors. The exchange may also act as a settlement guarantor.
             Other shares can be traded " over the counter, via a dealer. Some large companies will be listed on more than one exchange in different countries so that international investors can be attracted to them.

     What Is Stock Broker ?
                          The brokers are very important component of stock market. So the brokers is one who provide facility of buy and sell the shares from exchanges or individual investors.
      * What is stock market index ? 

                              The price movements in a market or section of a market are recorded in price indices known as stock market indices, many of which are, for example, Nifty, S&P, FTSE and Euronext indices. Such indices are usually weighted by market capitalization, the weights reflecting the stock's contribution to the index. The index components are often examined to include / exclude inventories to reflect the changing business environment.
        * What Is Timing Of Stock Market ?
                  Timing is different as per time zone.
Stock ExchangeCountryOpening Time (IST)                  ClosingTime
Indian Stock ExchangeIndia9:15 AM3:30 PM
Australian Securities ExchangeAustralia5:30 AM11:30 AM
Korea ExchangeSouth Korea5:30 AM11:30 AM
Taiwan Stock ExchangeTaiwan6:30 AM11:00 AM
Hong Kong Stock ExchangeHong Kong6:45 AM1:30 PM
Shanghai Stock ExchangeChina7:00 AM12:30 PM
Shenzhen Stock ExchangeChina7:00 AM12:30 PM
Deutsche BorseGermany12:30 PM2:30 AM
JSE LimitedSouth Africa12:30 PM8:30 PM
EuronextEuropean Union12:30 PM9:00 PM
 SIX Swiss ExchangeSwitzerland1:30 PM10:00 PM